Resident Evil 4 — 14 Comments

  1. If, as a result of New Research Findings, they conclude that potato crisps are Bad For Us because of the salt content, will they pass a law compelling Tayto Crisps to remove Mr. Tayto from the crisp bags? This health fascism is turning our lives into a bland hell on earth.

      • They will never be happy until we are all miserable.  But seeing as they are destined to be miserable and grey permanently, they will never stop.  It's what Herself calls a Vicious Circus.

  2. I see by the picture of her in this post, that Kathleen O'Meara apparently has no eyeballs.

    • I actually got my comment posted before it disappeared. Old GD must have decided to edit something and hit "Trash" instead of "Update?

  3. Is it just me or does Fatso have the posture of a paedophiliac on that photo? Judging by the look on that young lad's face I know I'd be kacking it too.

    • Funny, but that struck me too.  He seemed to have a particularly lascivious look on his face, and what's worse he seemed to be very taken with the boy?  Anyone who would use him as a babysitter would be out of their fucking mind!

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