Loss of income is not a cost — 9 Comments

  1. its all about the perceptions innit…

    with the globe trotting parasites why do you lot them back in…can't some sould revoke their passports or some such?

    • I have often thought it would be a great idea to revoke their passports on Paddy's Day and refuse to let 'em all back in.  In fact it would be a great time for a revolution? 

  2. Tax dodging seems to be hot ticket item ,what I don't understand is people seem to think if the money was being collected that it would actually be spent on something worthwhile when current evidence and past experience suggests the opposite!

    If all drugs were no longer ilegal and the taxes no longer levied then in a single stroke organised crime and terrorism would be destroyed far more effectively than any "war on drugs" or "global war on terror".

    This won't happen because that would take away the need for the largest and most effective criminal organization " The State"

    • I recognise that some taxation is inevitable as there are some services that only the state can really provide, but when I see them pissing away the billions, especially to the EU then my philosophy becomes one of avoiding every tax that I possibly can.  The State has become a monster and it is my duty to starve it!

      • "some services that only the state can really provide"

        Short of providing for the common defense and regulating interstate business what else is a federal government to do?

        Nothing I say!!!


        • There are still services and facilities that the state [or local gubmint] have to provide such as health, education and a raft of others.  The ideal would be that everyone would pay for their own requirements but that would lead to disaster.  There has to be some kind of central fund, but not one that lashes out fortunes on quangos, legal advisors, consultancy fees, junkets abroad and – of course – billions to a debt that isn't of our making..

          • When you bring local gubmint into the question it changes everything.  Education is a local matter not to be decided by the state.  Health insurance works pretty darn well with the free market system.  Our health system didn't get fouled up until gubmint stuck it's nose in it and regulated it death.  Local gubmint can levi taxation in exchange for services it's just when the state gets involved that things go to hell.


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