Humourless and impersonal

I see I have been nominated for the Blog Awards?

Thank you, whoever you are.  I am flattered.

Best News/Current Affairs/Political Blog?  A strange choice?

In past years, people have put me forward for Best Personal or Best Humour so this is a new experience for me.  At least there is a bit more room to breathe in this category.  Less crowded.  Enough room to swing a rat as it were.

Now News I can understand.  I quite often break news here, and you were amongst the first in the world to know that my skip had arrived and that I had had some birds flying around the room. 

I never write about my Current Affairs though.  Partly because Herself isn't supposed to know and partly because I am no Kiss and Tell Merchant. 

This is not a political site.  It never has been.  Anti-political would be more the mark, so I'm not sure I qualify under that criterion?

Leastwise I have put the little badge up on the side of the page as a gesture of gratitude. 

Thank you, my one and only reader.

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Humourless and impersonal — 13 Comments

  1. Make that seven. I didn’t nominate you either. And if beating up your government with your keyboard is considered political then you’re a shoe in for the short list.

  2. I can’t live with the shame any more. Hands up. It was me. My first time to vote for your great blog and I screwed up big time because I didn’t go through the categories first. But at least I tried. Oh the shame.

    • Bless you, my child.  You are forgiven.  I can’t have anyone’s sleepless nights on my conscience.

      The next round of judging is to be published on Friday.  I do not expect to have made the grade!

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