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  1. Grandad,

    Over the years, (of decline), many pubs closed on the main street of Cork City, (Patrick Street), until today there is only one remaining pub there. "The Chateau" which is owned by the canny Reidy family use an area outside which is equal to the floor area of the pub and they have put chairs and tables with umbrellas there. In conversation with Dan Reidy about this he told me that he trebled his daily takings since its introduction but half of this was paid in a license fee to the City Council for the privilege. It is, as you wisely pointed out, a racket by the legalized thieves in authority who live like parasites on the bums of the profit-making operations nationwide.

    • Of course it's legalised theft.  The councils know damn well that it's good for business and it is yet another opportunity for them to dip their greedy little fingers.

      On a sunny day, who wants to be sitting indoors if there is seating outside?  Of course smokers are forced out there whether there is seating or not, so it pays the pubs to provide a facility.  So essentially the law forces people outside and then taxes the business on the foot of that.

  2. Feck the officiousness of these local authorities. I sympathise with family enterprises like the pub in West Cork whose proprietors try to attract summer visitors by placing tables, chairs and colourful umbrellas on the pavement. Ireland's summer weather is erratic unlike continental sunny weather. In July and August we get some spells of sunshine, so let's pretend we can enjoy drinking and dining al fresco like the continentals. Come on, let's welcome the brave domestic tourists who want to discover Ireland's no-fuss summer charms and let's give a Russian bear hug to the British, Continental and Yank visitors who come looking for the same natural hospitality. I hope that West Cork publican continues to give his local authority the two-fingers sign. I love the charming little towns along the West Cork-East Kerry jagged coastline. Feck authority and support small and medium enterprise.

  3. I read this the other day.  


    A little boy in Ireland was kidnapped.

    The kidnappers sent him home with a ransom note.

    His mother sent him back with the money.


    Any truth in it?

  4. Hey GD, glad you enjoyed the trip down. Definitely got the timing right on the weather 🙂 I've many a time traversed the Schull pavements and not once have I ever tripped over a chair or table, or felt impeded in any way. If the council perseveres with this bullshit reckon West Cork should declare itself independent!

    Have a listen to this – great spirit trying to keep a local bar going against the odds.

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