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  1. No longer Irish eh?

    Probably just as well…

    "The IFA said agriculture in Ireland was among the most emission-efficient in the world"

    "Farming accounts for nearly a third of Ireland’s greenhouse gas and carbon emissions."

    "Green Party leader Eamon Ryan agreed. “Ireland is threatened by an inevitable rise in sea levels and flooding unless we act now,”

    Who the fuck is this 'we' that green goblin is banging on about?

    • When are these green half-wits going to shut the fuck up?  Of course the EU will be only too delighted to bang some kind of "emissions tax" on cattle or some such crazy idea that penalises the ordinary man and enriches their coffers.  If Ryan is so fucking worried about the environment why doesn't he just fuck off to Central Africa or the Maldives or somewhere?

  2. I don't care if you're Irish or not, I nominated you in the best ____ ____ catagory!

    • Heh! That is the best place for it – the censored category.  I'm flattered.  😀

  3. Just trying to keep the British end up – good to know we can beat the US at something.  Took a look at the categories area of the awards, and was thoroughly confused.  Where can I put your ramblings?  Political, humour, food or gardening.  By the way, is your blue pipe connected yet?

    • Best Designed?  Heh!

      The blue pipe is now completely obscured by brambles and other undergrowth.  And it still goes nowhere.

  4. Good Lord Grandad! You have International appeal!!!

    Do you feel a certain "X" factor coming on?

    • Fuck off outa that.  Are you seriously expecting me to ponce around on a stage, making a complete arse of myself?

  5. I nominated you, Grandad.  Mind you, I did make a snide remark about the layout of the page and the fact I had to click through five pages just to submit a nomination instead of having a simple scrolling page.  So, I don't know if my nomination will get counted or not.  🙂

  6. I would have nominated you except I couldn't find the "Best Irish Snark" category. Not to worry though, you're still plenty Irish. The more important point of the matter is that you're you and that's the international attraction–Lord knows why. Another badge for The Trophy Room coming up?

    • Or perhaps I should look for the "The Best Cantankerous Auld Bastard" category instead? Shoulda' thought of that in the first place (meanders off to look again).

      • Damn! I forgot. No HTML markup allowed with your fancy toolbar thingy installed. Please correct if you have the notion?

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