So nothing has changed — 6 Comments

    • Thanks!  It was actually one of my more thought out pieces, taking about five minutes to write instead of one.

  1. I reckon you are counting ballot papers but are too ashamed to admit it!

    Bit like the Glasgow chap found dead wearing items of ladies clothing. Apparently his buddies found him first but he was wearing a Rangers jersey, but to save the family from embarrassment they dressed him in high heels, stockings and suspenders !!


    • They phoned me and asked if I wanted to lead the Labour Party.  I told them to fuck off as I wasn't in Labour, or even pregnant for that matter.

  2. I hate rules and enjoy finding ways to break them. As for ending a sentence with a preposition I suggest that if used at the end it ceases to be a preposition because it's no longer 'pre', and it becomes a postposition instead – and you can use those without any guilt to end a sentence with.

    • I stuck that bit in about the preposition as an indicator that I don't give a shite.  If I did [give a shite] I would have restructured the sentence.

      Having said that, it still really pisses me off when people mix up their "their" "there" and "they're" et al.

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