So nothing has changed

I'm back.

When I scribbled my last piece, Herself read it and said that it was a good piece and that I should have kept it for Monday when there was at least a chance someone might read it.  As it happened, it lay there for all to read on Monday so that was grand.  She was happy [which makes a change].

As it turned out, I was kind of busy yesterday tending to matters that I hadn't expected to be attending to [thereby ending my sentence with a preposition].  I was up to my eyes in stuff and frankly today isn't turning out to be much better.

One advantage of being busy is that I didn't have time to think about all that election rubbish.

Have you ever heard the likes of it?

So the leader of the Labour Party has resigned?  Be still my beating heart!  I don't give a flying shite if he turned himself inside out, painted himself blue and flew off to the Moon.  He was a traitor to the Irish people and he will be replaced with another traitor.  Nothing will change.

So the gubmint got trounced?  Again, no surprise there.  The problem lies not in the gubmint getting trounced or that Labour are in meltdown, but in the very fact that people got elected at all.  It doesn't matter a damn who they are – they are still going to interfere in my life and steal my money whatever colour their shirt is.

The same applies to the European farce.  There is a lot being shouted about how the Euroskeptics have increased their numbers dramatically, but I can't see that making the blindest difference.  If every single member of the EU parliament was a skeptic would it make a difference?  Not at all.  They would be listened to and then ignored.  Does anyone seriously think for a moment that Brussels is going to relinquish an iota of power, haven taken so much trouble to build the Fourth Reich?  They are in my hole.

To read the papers or listen to the radio for the last couple of days, you would think that something really remarkable has happened.  If it has, I would dearly love to know what it is.  All I can see is the same old status quo only with some different names.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand [as the bishop said to the actress].  As I said, I'm kinda busy today.

Won't have time to write anything….


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So nothing has changed — 6 Comments

    • Thanks!  It was actually one of my more thought out pieces, taking about five minutes to write instead of one.

  1. I reckon you are counting ballot papers but are too ashamed to admit it!

    Bit like the Glasgow chap found dead wearing items of ladies clothing. Apparently his buddies found him first but he was wearing a Rangers jersey, but to save the family from embarrassment they dressed him in high heels, stockings and suspenders !!


    • They phoned me and asked if I wanted to lead the Labour Party.  I told them to fuck off as I wasn't in Labour, or even pregnant for that matter.

  2. I hate rules and enjoy finding ways to break them. As for ending a sentence with a preposition I suggest that if used at the end it ceases to be a preposition because it's no longer 'pre', and it becomes a postposition instead – and you can use those without any guilt to end a sentence with.

    • I stuck that bit in about the preposition as an indicator that I don't give a shite.  If I did [give a shite] I would have restructured the sentence.

      Having said that, it still really pisses me off when people mix up their "their" "there" and "they're" et al.

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