A change of oppression

Two years to go and they are starting already.

In two years time it will be the centenary of the Easter Rising here in Ireland.

In two years time we will be inundated with glorified fairytales of our great heroes and all they achieved for Ireland

What exactly did the Easter Rising achieve?  Apart from the fact that it failed and that it was the execution of the leaders that sparked independence, what did we gain out of it?

There are those who will say that we gained independence from English rule, but I can't honestly see what difference that made?  The ability to issue our own passports?  The ability to have a separate flag?  What we really achieved was the honour and glory of being oppressed by the Irish instead of the English.  We still have the same oppressive laws.  We still have the same oppressive taxes.  Democracy is still a farce here as it is in the UK.  As far as the man in the street goes, there is fuck all difference apart from a different currency.  In fact I would argue that we would have survived the recession better under Sterling than we did under the Euro.

Of course all that is academic now.  Any vestige of "independence" we did gain has been thrown away again.  We are now a vassal state of the Fourth Reich and have as much independence as a slave in chains.

Sinn Féin are rabbiting on again about the "end of partition" and the reuniting the whole island of Ireland but that too is a farce.  The North would still be ruled by Brussels and the only effective difference would be a switch to the Euro and changing their speed limit signs to kilometers per hour from miles per hour.  Big fucking deal.

Ireland will never be free.  The only way we could achieve true freedom would be to get the hell out of the EU superstate and to abolish our current legal, financial and political systems and replace them with something entirely new.  That ain't going to happen.

So on Easter Sunday, 2016 there is going to be a mighty commemoration of an event which ultimately had fuck all result for the Irish.

The only light note is that I bet they hold their commemorations on Sunday the 27th of March, where the original rising was on Sunday the 23rd of April.

I'm dreading it.

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A change of oppression — 3 Comments

  1. Never mind Grandad, with the smoking ban in place and the tobacco restrictions getting even more comprehensive, all of society's problems and evils are over. Everthing else is less.

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