Finding Flight MH370 — 12 Comments

  1. This plane costs upward of $200m and they can't fit a bit of kit that you can't switch off that tells the world where you are?

    Its the Russians I blame, or the Ukranians, or even Nu Labour…… or, oh never mind, not that arsed,,,,,,,, 

    • That machine was chock full of equipment that should have been communicating with the ground [and most of it automatic without pilot intervention].   I blame the warming alarmists.

  2. All those empty baked beans cans, all those discarded beer and coke cans, all those bagfuls of trash dumped at night in Coillte forest plantations…naw, the plane was crashlanded, probably by an insane pilot (not necessarily the official one) somewhere in the Pacific.The conspiracy theorists should have their words shoved up their noses.

    • I have a nasty feeling we are never going to hear the end of this.  I doubt anyone will ever know the true cause, but the conspiracy lot are going to have a field day.

      • The only element of conspiracy I believe at present is that some countries have withheld details about their searches for the missing plane because they don't want to reveal the extent of their naval and air surveillance activities in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.  

    • Damn!  You managed to search the entire country?  Fair play.  Mind you, Tunisia is only a couple of square inches on my maps.

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