My waistline is my business — 7 Comments

  1. Bang on as usual Grandad. Some salary inflated "charity" has just got a grant from Fatso Reilly and some other Pharma operation have a "treatment" for obesity. Put them together and you have paid for research with a pre-determined conclusion and a campaign to point the guilty sheeple at the Doctor & Chemist shop – fuck 'em is right !

  2. I didn't really read the post GD.. Just dropped in to say hi.
    How's the novel coming along?   I think you should stop tormenting yourself reading these studies!  Just a suggestion. 🙂

    I reckon 100% of people who don't read any studies are much less inclined to be annoyed at the results of these studies.. as they haven't fucking read them.
    This is solely based on anecdotal evidence.  A more in depth analysis may be required.  🙂

    • These studies are an essential part of my reading.  Otherwise I wouldn't have anything to moan about?

      The novel is as usual slow.  Progress is somewhat hindered by other essential distractions and cold fingers.

  3. all i know is if i drop below 195lb i get sick so i don't. dr thinks thats fine. i've always known i'm unchartable and original screw the average it doesn't apply

  4. I remember all too well when the US Navy adopted the BMI (back in the 80's) as a standard to determine if anyone, officer or enlisted, were overweight. If such was determined then the subject was ordered to remedial PT (Physical Training) until the subject was no longer overweight. I was one of the first at the submarine base in Groton, CT (USA) to be tested and, like any government run program, my BMI index showed me to be overweight. Considering I weighed in at 140 pounds at 6 feet in height I found this a bit hard to believe. They even double checked it.

    Despite the  rail-thin obvious, I was sent to remedial PT anyway which actually appealed to my sense of humor. I walked into the base gym in a T-shirt and shorts with my pipe-stem legs and arms dangling out and the PT instructor took on look at me and asked me what the hell was I doing there. I, of course, stated that I was found to be overweight. You can imagine his reaction.

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