Take a deep breath — 5 Comments

  1. Absolutely spot on! Well said. Electronic cigarettes are used to get around the smoking ban? Well yes, yes, yes! and if you vape carefully, you can get around the vaping ban too. It must be causing them sleepless nights.  

    • The Anti-Smoker industry has been completely blindsided by the e-cigarette.  To be honest, I'm getting immense pleasure watching them squirm.  And the more desperate they become, the more obvious their lies.

  2. Dam, I forgot to tick the "notify me" box which I have done now. By the way, I love your blog – I am an avid, though, to date, mute fan. Keep it going please!

  3. Michael Bloomberg, King of the Nanny State, former mayor of New York City, on his last day in office made using an e-cigarette in public a crime.  It's coming to a state near you!


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