Whitewash my arse — 8 Comments

  1. Understanding that I agree with what you say…

    …just how does one "control cancer"? ("HSE’s national cancer control programme")

    And it seems to me that ol' Doc Susan needs to bone up on the causes of smuggling.

    • Nothing, but nothing can stand in the way of The Cause.  Obviously that includes truth.  But there again, that has been obvious for a long time.

  2. “It’s probably the only legal consumer product in the world that harms everyone who uses it and actually kills half the people who use it.”

    So 1 in 2 smokers die from smoking according to this – complete BS

    • No one has ever died from smoking.  People may die from "smoking related" illnesses, but that is a different thing altogether.  Seeing as there is no disease or illness that is unique to smokers their claims – as you so eloquently put it – are pure BS.

    • Sweet Jayzus but they really do take us all for complete idiots.  They'll be telling us next that the bank collapse was a great thing for Ireland.  That Varadkar is turning out to be a right smarmy little wanker.  Once upon a time [as all good fairy stories start] I used to think he wasn't too bad.

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