Amazon’s Prime Air is FUN — 18 Comments

  1. Yep, sounds like an EXCELLENT idea! But, assuming they ever get the green light to begin using these drones, how long before one causes a mid-air collision with an aircraft taking off or landing? Or two of them collide, and the wreckage hits some wealthy Yank with a top notch lawyer friend?

  2. Never wanted a shotgun before.  Perhaps now is the time to apply for a licence.  My air rifle probably would not do enough damage.  At least Amazon are promising to put some fun into life again.  How many of these things do you think would survive the first week?

    • The trouble with rifles is that they tend to be too precise.  Shoot one of those yokes with a rifle and you could blow an entire rotor off leaving the thing still flying, if a bit erratically.  You need a shotgun to reduce the thing to a little flying cloud of debris.

  3. How many of these does Amazon think it will get back. Respray, new electrikery receiver, remote control, sorted. An extra present for Christmas for the grandchild…..

    Nah, never happen, publicity stunt, as mentioned by Mossy

  4. A friend of mine has an old Marlin Goose Gun in 10 guage.  It reaches out twice as far as a 12 guage.  Instead of shooting them down in your neighbors back yard you could shoot them from way down the street. 🙂


  5. If it ever gets over here I can see the the 'bad lads' in 'Norn Iron' using them to deliver little parcels of gelignite. 

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