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  1. A not  so subtle hint that grandmas partner is the advanced stages of  dementia(t/y gov+eu for identifying how frail we would be without them)

      • I have a PART TIME job as your M.D.  Therefore I have your medical and psychiatric records.By the way ,slipped my mind  to tell you,you may die someday.

        [70 euro please for that consultation,pay receptionist}

  2. aww cute, couple clothes…now go out and shoot yourself! next thing you know you'll be wearing matching cardigans~

      • The mustachioed chap is the spitting image of Polish leader Lech Walesa, but that's definitely not Maggie Thatcher beside him.

        • Much loved characters from the series "Ever Decreasing Circles".  To quote Wikipedia –

          "The other regular characters were Howard and Hilda Hughes, another married couple who generally add lighter humour to the plots. They are long-standing friends and neighbours of Martin's, who share some of his obsessiveness whilst having plenty of quirks of their own (such as always wearing "his and hers" matching outfits),"

  3. Isn't the caption on that T-shirt a Reference to the Ad from the 70's or 80's where the family are at the beach & there all having fun while the owl fella's sitting in the deck chair in the background being ignored, then suddenly the young lad looks & asks "Where's Grandad?", the idea being that he had fucked off for a doddery old wander & drowned & that we should look after those that are vulnerable near water. Maybe the Hairy Baby guys are telling you to stay away from the beach, personally my favourite one of theirs is the caption "Who said Mass?" reminds me of my teenage years in a small country town.

    • Indeed it is from that ad.  As for the "Who said Mass" – that was a regular Saturday night thing in the local pub when I was a lad.  One of The Lads would be dispatched to the church to hear the sermon and would then report back to all the other "church goers".  Happy days.

    • Back in the seventies myself and the two brothers were awoken every sunday(hungover as   fuck) and told to get up for mass.We would de -camp to the pub.We got home one day and mam asked my oldest brother"who said mass,and what was the sermon about"P.J replied "Fr Concannon and his sermon was the usual bullshit".My mam mulled this over for a while,then she says "Hmm.Fr Concannon died six years ago".She never woke us a sunday again.

  4. If they'd sent instead a pair of mauve longjohns with the printed question Herself might have been less magpie inclined.

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