Walking the Plank — 17 Comments

    • Delighted to hear of it.  He will be so disappointed that someone in the world never heard of him.

      Until now, he was the highest paid in RTE, demanding nearly a million a year.  He obviously got a bit miffed when RTE started cutting back on salaries and wages.

    • He annoyed the shite out of the majority of this country's population. We don't call him "Pat the plank" for nothing. You'd get a lot more value for money by hiring a gatepost as a TV presenter

  1. Someone make sure that they change the locks when he's gone and that Bono doesn't give him a motorbike !

  2. Hopefully this is Pat's first step on the road to Obscurity.

    It's been painful seeing him try so hard to be the 'voice of the people', and failing so miserably at every attempt. He's so far removed from the man in the street that he could easily pass for an alien who fluked his 'How To Impersonate A Human' exam.

    He never struck me as intelligent, but this is one of the most stupid things he's ever done. And I'm soooo happy that he has.

    Just think, a couple more days of this crap and he's gone…forever. – I hope.

    • I never thought I would say anything positive about the Plank, but he is, in fact a very intelligent bloke.  His problem is that he has zero sense of humour and less than zero personality.  As a newsreader or serious Current Affairs reporter he's OK, just provided he doesn't have to deal with any real live people.

      Apparently they are now saying that he left in a huff because he "didn't get enough respect from management".  That rings very true – he always thought he was God Almighty.

      • I think his 'intelligence' comes from remembering 'facts'. If I had to say anything positive about him it would be that he was good at looking informed. He never looked like he hadn't spent the whole day rehearsing everything over and over in his head, again and again, draining a little bit of the humanity out of it with every passing.

        BTW, I don't like the guy. Just wanted to make that clear.

        • Glad you cleared that up JC.  You were starting to come across as a big fan there for a minute.. 🙂

        • Nah!  Speaking as an "insider" who had to deal with the bloke on many occasions, I can vouch that he does have a good head for figures and the like.  That is fairly evident from his conning them out of a nearly seven figure salary.  His people skills are zilch though, both on and off the camera.

          I don't think I'd invite him to a barbecue either.  😉

  3. When media people dominate the news it's time to give up reading newspapers and concentrate on reading the classics of literature. That or gardening or going to horse races.

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