Stating the obvious — 5 Comments

  1. This is one of the few case where I am for government intervention. All such idiots should receive effective long term birth control up to and including serialization. Of course it will never happen, it is precisely these people that keep electing most of Jackals to public office. 

    I do apologize for the last bit I was off on rant and never should have compared Jackals to politicians, it was not fair to the Jackals. 

    • Heh!  I knew a woman once who sincerely advocated putting birth control in the water supply.  If you want kids, you have to apply for an antidote.  There are times now when I would damned near agree with her.

      • please dont give any government ideas about water supplies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  ooops to late, flouride is here to stay and birth control wont be far behind now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Our water pipes flow two ways – one way delivers fluoride to the house and the other feed our cash to the Gubmint.  Our lot know only too well how to tinker with the water system

      • There is a book about that called 'Benefits' by Zoe Fairbairn I think, it was published by the feminist group Virago in the late 70s.. Unfortunately there were drastic unforeseen results for the baby when the antidote was given but still not a bad idea in some ways when you see some parents.

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