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  1. Retirement is bad for you. Studies have shown this. Something needs to be done.

  2. Love you GD.  That's exactly how I feel.  Leave us alone and let the crazed idiots swelter in their own fury of misbegotten and ill-informed theories while real people get on with their lives.  Can we shoot them all when the revolution comes?

  3. Oh, by the way, studies have shown the most people who die are actually pensioners…

      • But I'm still 18 inside,  and about seven in brain.  Not fair.  What can I do about the grey hair and (laughter) wrinkles?

    • You are absolutely right, BD. Being a pensioner kills. End of story. In fact I'm amazed Pension Books don't have a big warning on the cover, and better still, graphic images of dead pensioners. Could solve the problem of empty pension funds if people are persuaded to give up pensions. And let's admit it, pensioners cost the NHS billions. I think an intensive programme of denormalisation is in order. They should be stigmatised until they see the error of their ways, and give up pensions for good.

      O/T. I see you've been busy GD and set up the blog hosting service you mentioned some time ago. Well done mate. If you're still doing it in a year or so (my rough estimate of when I might have the time to broadcast my worthless thoughts to an uncaring ether), I'll be getting in touch.

      Was that Vindaloo Curratech, or Madras?

      • O/T Rogan Josh, unless you want to go for the higher priced Premium Vindaloo?

        I shall wait by my laptop for the call…..

  4. Well said old chap.(p.s. I have changed my name to reflect my age and life experience.)

  5. Permanent. My PC was out for a couple of days. Had to sign back in. So it prompted me to make the change. Gawjus day today. Sunshine, warm, breeze, windows open, no humidity. Good to be alive at our age. A privilege denied to many. Smiley faces all round. Off to the pub. Sit outside.

    • Now I don't know whether to call you Senior or just TT.  Damned confusing.

      Nice and sunny here but fucking cold [they still mention snow on the UK forecast].  This Global Warming is really pissing me off.

      Pub sounds like a good idea though.  Cheers and Sláinte.

  6. Well I reckon it's about high time I consider hanging up my boots!

    Trouble is, what to do all day? I can imagine getting bored very easily!!

    Ho hum. Think I'll just have to go down to the pub and give it some thought.

  7. Just rev up and fuck off

    Well said. Sadly, by the time I get to retire I will probably not have long left the way things are going with pensions, when not being nagged to death by the prodnosing twats, the gobmint will make sure we will have to work to well into our 80's. Horrible fucking bastards, the lot of em

  8. When are they going to refer to a recent study that shows that most people don't give a cigarette butt about the findings of scientific studies? I live my life happily oblivious to the findings of opinion polls, MA & Ph.D theses, and laboriously undertaken research reports. So do most newspaper staff writers who have to wade through these studies and boil them down to a 200-word story, I expect.

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