Winning the Eurovision — 12 Comments

  1. Like a story a guy relayed to me last evening. When he was a kid he used to be told do the Stations of the Cross in Church. Ses he "I'd always start at the end and work towards the beginning, the story got better as you went along that way!"

    • Quite often things are better in reverse.  Imagine living life in reverse?  Starting off old and achy and gradually becoming more athletic as time goes on?  Schooldays would be a doddle because by then you would have all of life's experiences and knowledge.  I won't go into the details of your very last day though…..!

  2. Congratulations GD,  An very creditable performance.  Bonnie Tyler nearly let us down coming 19th.  She should have gargled with battery acid at least twice before coming on stage that way we would probably have beat you.

    • If I remember correctly, we may have giving you a point or two to knock you out of the winning spot?  Heh!  When are you lot going to stop digging up ancient singers from decades ago?

  3. Bit of a bummer for/from Strabane. Actually I was surprised it finished last. I liked the "song."

    • I think the reason the Irish entry won so conclusively is due to the proximity of Ireland to Great Britain.  It is almost certain that the judges looked up Ireland on the map, saw that it was close to Britain and voted accordingly.

    • It all depends.  If the resident is classed a winner they are deemed to be Irish.  Losers belong to the UK.

      There is nothing discriminatory there as the Brits play the same game [but opposite, of course]

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