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  1. This from a useless fuckwit  on €6200 per week to do what?  He oversees the biggest black economy of all, totally unregulated and unaudited!

  2. and when was the last time the auditors signed off on the EU books?
    The more I see or hear these people the more I begin to believe David Icke's lizard men are real. The only other explanation is that there is some massive lunatic asylum somewhere that is releasing its inmates willy nilly across the world.

  3. He really is a weasel, is he not? I posted this on Frank Davis's blog today, but is seems to have equal relevance here:


    Wealthy households would face new taxes on property and other assets under German plans to prop up the struggling eurozone.

    Taxes on property or other assets would mark a significant change in Europe’s approach to funding bail-outs for eurozone members. Until now, the cost of rescue packages for countries like Ireland, Greece and Portugal has fallen largely on people who invest money in either those countries’ bonds or – in the case of Cyprus – bank accounts.

    Prof Peter Bofinger, an adviser to Mrs Merkel, said that levies on bank accounts are the wrong way of funding bail-outs, because rich people are able to shift their money out of the country.

    “The resourceful rich just move their money to banks in northern Europe and avoid paying,” Prof Bofinger told Der Spiegel, a German magazine.

    Instead of taxing cash, European Union governments should in future target property and other, less mobile assets, he said.

    It would seem they are intending to take direct action, a la Cyprus, in recovering those taxes they feel they've been deprived of.

    'Despicable little cunt' barely begins to describe this odious little creep. Farage was spot on:


    • That is precisely the way things are going here in Ireland.  We now have taxes on our homes and on our water – both immovable and both essential.  We coped quite well without those taxes before, but both were applied on the instruction of the EU.

      And Farage is nearly always spot on, especially when addressing Van Rompuy.  Who the fuck is he?  From under what rock did he slither?  All we know is that he is Belgian.  The very sight of him brings on a nasty bout of nausea.

  4. What a weasal. "Tax evasion and tax avoidance costs EUR 1tr". Tax avoidance is perfectly legal and desirable (for that is how the law is drafted). So what proportion of the 1tr is actually from evasion?

    Then duplicitous creep goes on to explain why tax evasion is bad – yes, we agree (notwithstanding arguments regarding taxation, the amount of taxation applied, where it is applied, etc.). But he deliberately conflates the avoidance with evasion.

    This is cover for another power grab and to take (steal) legitimate wealth. Scary, scary times…

    • Welcome Mr Frost!  Indeed, tax avoidance is legal but our little friend doesn't see things that way.  He sees it as money that is rightfully his.  How dare the plebs get away with keeping some cash.

  5. They need the money to save their little club, the Club of endless joy where they receive all good things in life paid for by citizens of the failed economies of the €urozone. It will soon be time for Elections in Germany & Herr Merkel is shitting himself, he has done such a good job of convincing the German public that they are bailing out Europe, the Euro & those feckless whores Ireland, Spain, Portugal & Greece. The problem is the Germans have bought the lie and are now sick of bailing us & the Euro out & Herr Merkel could lose the election because they want to stop paying for everybody else, unfortunately for them Germany is not saving the Euro, the Euro is saving Germany & should it collapse they are more fucked than anyone else. A fucked Germany is a fucked EU & a fucked EU will lead to no EU, so no more jobbies & perkies for these vile bastards.

    • I see that anti-EU party in Germany is storming up the ratings.  Merkel had better watch her back!

      The Germans have finally copped on to the whole scam and we are heading into what you might call "Interesting Times"!

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