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  1. Well said but I have to disagree with your recommended method of death for these complete and utter gobshites. They should be flayed, have their eyeballs pierced, have each nail removed from every finger and toe and forced to eat them. They should then be hung, drawn and quartered. Following that anyone related to them by blood, friendship, work / school, etc should also follow the same fate for allowing them to utter those words.

  2. The idiots to which you refer are invariably 'Merkins so the whole ignorant lot ought to be exterminated.

    Now, where can I find a couple of Daleks?

    • I'm afraid to tell you that you're wrong, Mossy. Outlets such as Dunnes Stores are currently making a KILLING on cheap, tatty accesories such as oversized green tophats, tricolour wigs, leprechaun suits and (wait for it!) tricolour face paint.

      If our ancestors saw us now they'd be wondering why the fuck they bothered. The 17th of March to me these days has become one day where I'm even more ashamed of my national identity than normal.

  3. in memory of my irish grandad (not you) i'm ignoring the whole day…patty is my sister btw she's not a saint but i'd say with conviction she is a cunt

  4. St. Baldrick's Day last Sunday. Our pub raised $50,000. Sat outside in the warm sun all afternoon. Repeat this Sunday for St Patty's Day. We will call it what the fuck we want to. We own you.

  5. Sadly, the United States is broke and the major bondholders are the Chinese and Japanese

  6. OK? More than ok, Granddad. I couldn't have said it better. Patty is the daughter of my best friend's brother, and her mother. Paddy? Well, I thought that's where they grew rice.

    However you celebrate it, celebrate responsibly.

    • Nail on the head, Susan – Patty is a name of the feminine persuasion [Patricia?] whereas Paddy is the masculine equivalent.  Except for your friend's mother of course.  Maybe there is more to that than meets the eye?  Heh!

  7. thought it was Friday………… thats when we can go out and enjoy all the irish fare around here, then again I am in Nottinghamshire….. enjoy

    • Welcome, Robert!  Officially it's Sunday, but Friday?  Wednesday? Today?  Why not?  Any day is a good excuse for a pint.

  8. As a foreigner in China I will have a quiet double measure of Jamesons with iced water on St. Patrick's Day. On other days of the year I am pleased to be able to buy Kerrygold unsalted butter, The Dubliner brand of cheddar cheese, and the occasional bottle of Jamesons. I feel I am helping the old sod's balance of trade, possibly at the sacrifice of my liver. Making sacrifices means I'm a patriot at heart, doesn't it? In French (see previous post by GD) they would say ma foie.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody. And bless my liver.

    • Bloody hell!  It's hard enough finding those in the shops around here!  Now I know why – they have shipped the lot to China.  At least they are going to a good cause?!

      • Some discerning Chinese people may be tasting the whiskey, Grandad, but expatriates here buy the butter and cheese. These dairy products are not traditional to the chinese diet, although some city people have taken to slices of pizza with a flavouring of mozzarella cheese. I use unsalted Kerrygold butter mainly for frying things, as I prefer spreadable margarine on breakfast bread.

        As a St. Patrick's Day dessert treat I'll fry pancakes. Here's the surefire recipe:-

        Ingredients: one measure of Betty Crocker pancake mix; a beaten egg; some milk.

        Method: Beat the bejasus out of a fresh egg and mix into the pancake mix, in a bowl. Blend in the milk gradually and stir like billyo until a desirable liquid consistency is achieved. Let the contents rest for half an hour while you wander outside smoking your pipe.

        On return to the kitchen, stir the contents of the bowl once more. You are now ready to fry, using Kerrygold instead of corn oil. I dress the fried pancakes with honey and roll them up to eat.

        Does herself wish to offer a more scientific recipe?

        • Thanks for that.  I think it's the first time I have seen the words Herself and recipe in the same sentence though.  I must ask the daughter for hers – she baked up a lovely batch of pancakes for Mother's Day!

  9. Only thing I know about St Patrick's Day is that when I lived in London it was considered advisable to stay well away from the Kilburn High Road area on that day, as it was swarming with drunken Paddys, many of whom would (for some reason known only to themselves) want to demonstrate their boxing skills to complete strangers. Fortunately for the denizens of the area, in most cases the erstwhile Barry McGuigans could barely stand up by the time they reached that stage of the celebrations, so damage was reasonably minimal.

  10. I was watching the news this morning on a local channel and there it was!…St. Patty's Day!….I sent an email informing them of their mistake…( in your honour )..thanks for the education!…Have a good day, GD!


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