The artist formerly known as… — 10 Comments

    • Not half as confused as I.  All I do know is that one way or another we are being ripped off yet again.

  1. Something tells me that Dame Enda won't be taking his morning strolls to work very often from now on. At least not without a kevlar vest.

  2. Did ye see the midnight debacle live on TV3 when they shoved through the legislation? Enda was so confused that the best he could do was read out a speech prepared by his advisors for a post ECB deal (which happened 16 hours later).

    You'd have to question whether he should be involved in any sort of negotiations at all?



  3. Enda  negotiate  !!

    would not send him to get a loaf of bread .If only he had taken Vincent Browne advice .Why dont the media call it as it is . A scam

  4. I do not believe ANY negotiations have even BEGUN to take place. Our overpaid representatives are maintaining the status quo, avoiding confrontation and keeping the sheeple quiet until they qualify for a pension. Then we will get another list of wankers to choose from who will do exactly the same thing for a while. I might remind readers that obnoxious tent known as Mary Harney is on a pension of €150,000 a year and like Reilly after her, any time the shit hit the fan in health, she hit back at smokers to deflect attention.

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