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  1. Whenever I find myself looking forward to returning home this summer, I read stuff like this and remember what a corrupt and craven shithole it is. And begin to dread it.

  2. The new driver's licence is the same crack.  We will have to have the photo taken by a specially appointed snapper with a height measurement yardstick behind you and the  pps number on it. Apparently we'll all have to be vetted by the RSA on application to prove we are worthy of a piece of plastic…………. oh yeah and give them €55 plus photo fee!!

    • Jayzus!  They'll have us holding the number up under our chin?  What does that put me in mind of?

  3. Just imagining your flag pole. "Don't tread on me" ?  Confederate flag ?  The Lord of the Manor is in residense ? All good.

  4. I think the septic tank registry idea comes from the Dutch. Try to dig a hole in the average Dutch garden and it fills with water. Same reason we can't use landfill to get rid of garbage – the Dutch can't do it so nobody else should.

    The electricity meter thing sounds like the Republic is going for the Greek answer to tax evasion. Stick the estimated tax bill on the electricity bill.

    • They have already stated that non-payment will result in them dipping their dirty little paws in wage packets or state payments, which presumably means they are more than happy to rifle my pension.  Is it any wonder I have nothing but contempt for the way things are going?

  5. If they're that interested in the contents of your cesspit I think the fairest thing all round would be for you to send in a bucket load, Grandad. Make it look nice, put a smiley face on it or something .. one must make the effort to be courteous when dealing with gubmint agencies.

  6. When I read what's going on in Ireland I'm so glad I'm thousands of miles away. I find this septic tank tax strange if I understand the State fail to supply sewage facilities so the householder builds these tanks now these gobshites want to tax you. Theres is no way this is a one off fee of €50 as soon as they have all the details you will be taxed yearly I would say about €500.                                                                                                                Did you read they have appointed Dublin City Manager to head up the water meter bulls***. Nice payoff and pension then walks into this post €200k a year. How this will work they will use taxpayers money to set it up putting in meters ect then it will be sold [given] to private company and Tierney will be on €900k a year. The bill will shoot up its a huge con trick.

    Sorry going on a bit here but the want your elect account number because any tax they think people wont want to pay will be added to this bill if you dont pay they will cut off your supply. This was tried out in Greece but I think the workers refused to implement it Ireland theres no chance the sheep will comply. Many years ago I was given this advice 'never volunteer information' best information I ever got. 


    • Sadly you are mistaken about the Greek electricity company refusing to collect the 'Emergency Property Tax'. They did protest at the beginning and refuse to do it, but the government got heavy with them, so they had to do it.

      DHE cuts the electricity to 1,200 subscribers on a daily basis.

      It's a fucking disaster for many here. Massive unemployment, almost the highest prices in the world for petrol / diesel (it used to be the cheapest in Europe), VAT at 23%, extra taxes on everything (fags / tobacco just went up 12.5%), pensions cut, it just goes on and on.

      A recent headline was " Brussels advises Troika employees to work in disguise when in Athens

      Not surprising really. There must have been a run on piano wire.


      Yup, join the Eurozone and watch your country go down the pan big time.


      • Where Greece goes, so Ireland is sure to follow.  The EU is just going to systematically bleed the smaller countries dry.  I see France is now on the verge of declaring itself bankrupt?  That should be interesting?

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