Running rings — 12 Comments

    • Didn't fancy attacking a 22 carat gold ring with a rusty blunt hacksaw.  A family heirloom and all that shit.  I'm kinda attached to my finger too.

  1. Fingers into a cold bucket of ice, followed by a good slabbering of light oil, and then…. thisJeez, you could have just ambled to the freezer and the shed! Ha.

  2. Ehmmmm…….. perhaps losing a little weight might have done the trick?Takes a little longer but would eventually have the desired effect on your heirloom 😉

  3. GD…It sounds as if you have been reading "Lord of the Rings" in your spare time.  And, did you ask the local mugger, or even your local priest, to remove your treasure away from you?  They are both good at those tasks.

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