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  1. I tell you what Grandad, I would bet a fair sum that this fuckstick either is a dole scrounger, or one of these fresh out of school with his degree in Ethiopian Basket Weaving, wondering why no one is queuing up to hire him. Note to all fucksticks out there, we have things because we worked for them and did without other things, you twats get out there and do the same!

    • One thing we can assume is that he isn't a pensioner.  Once he has served his forty or so years before the mast, then I will listen to him.  Until then, he can go fuck himself.

  2. If they want to target pensions start with the €75 million a year going to the crooks like Ahern, Biffo, Mary Harney and their cohorts. Mary Harney " Im worth my €130k a year pension" …..Her defence of her lavish pension followed Taoiseach Edna Kenny indication that the Government had no intention of cutting the eye-watering pensions being paid to former cabinet ministers. The more I read about what's going on in that country the more I have a problem that nobody is out on the streets. But the stupidly is beyond anything thing I can understand when I see protests about jailing that Quinn.

    • I'm not even going to read that link.  It would only push my blood pressure beyond danger levels.  When I think of that fat cow getting more per year in her pension than I ever earned in a couple of years full time work……..

      There was a time when paying tax was a moral obligation.  Now it is a moral imperative to avoid paying any taxes.

  3. It's the same over here in the UK with that waste of oxygen Nick Clegg leading the line. The way things are going pensions are going to be shite in a couple of years anyway without these tossers trying to make things worse. At this rate I won't be able to afford to retire in 4 years.

  4. You might like to let "Insider_ie" (of what I might ask?), that if it wasn't for our generation being sensible with OUR money my children would not have been settled in their own homes. In the last few years I've spent a huge some of my money in helping them onto the housing ladder.

    I could have course frittered it away on world cruises and the like.

    Just send him a link to my blog. I would love to have an informed chat with him.

    • You should have gone the world cruise route.

      We take regular SKI holidays [Spending the Kids Inheritance].  😈

      I would love to send him a link but I doubt he is the kind to listen to reason.

  5. I wouldn't worry too much that that commenter's views are representative of the majority GD. 
    I think people are generally sympathetic to the old age pensioners.   Even if they're total money-bags, such as yourself.  
    Anya chance of a loan?  🙂

    RTE have a program on this topic tonight, if you fancy an evening of more doom and gloom ..  how about it?! 🙂 

    RTE A haon @ 9.35pm 'Too Broke to Retire'



    • "total money-bags, such as yourself."  You looking for a spanking?

      I watched a bit of that programme, by the way.  Not very edifying or cheering.  I hope our friend watched.

  6. Just on this bit also – "Us pensioners have worked for forty to fifty years.  We built up this country and carried it through a couple of recessions.  We paid our taxes"   
    You're continuing to pay your taxes. Most pensions are taxable, as are state pensions -(via reduction of tax credits).

    I do think that there should be some means testing of the state pension though.
    Why should the likes of the former AIB and BOI CEOs get a state pension,  (not sure if they're over 66?)  and free travel etc.?
    They're on about 500K/650k respectively, plus expenses.


    • Yup.  I pay tax and that fucking Universal Social Crap.  As if I didn't pay enough up until now.

  7. Another point you missed with this shithead is the simple fact that, our taxes probably went towards his basket weaving education, if his Mummy & Daddy could not confer a silver spoon. While we were doing that, we raised the next generation that may end up paying his fucking pension, when the time comes. 

    And it is probably greedy insecure little fuckweeds like him who are behind ageism in the workplace, lest a more senior player comes into their realm and sees immediately that the King, truly has no clothes.

    • A very good point, John.  I see there is just one more comment on that page as a reply to our friend –

      "The fact is of course that this is hardly the starting point. Whenever Noonan is asked about the immoral amounts being paid to "retired" politicians, the incomes of the likes of himself and the bankers, he pleads that he has no power to cut these. Yet when it comes to pensioners and those living on the margins there is no such impediments. When Noonan and his friends reduce their take and cut the outragious pensions paid to former colleagues then, and only then, should we tolerate him looking at any other group in society."

      An excellent point, well put.

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