Liking to be liked — 14 Comments

  1. Ying – I like!  Unfortunately I have to agree with Lafsword.

    Fuck it – One button I do have is a Delete one.  😈

  2. Thoughts in a random order:
    A “Dislike” button would be socially incorrect.
    I have a muscle tick but it has nothing to do with any sort of “Like” button. It has much more to do with doctors going, “Oh shit, looks like we shouldn’t have given him so much of that particular medication”.
    I’d much prefer a comment than a “Like” any day.
    For some reason I like Google’s “+1” button much better. Why? Because I can remove the damn “+1” if I choose to.
    Instead of a “Like” button, how about a “Like this or die” button? Performs the same function but is a more accurate reflection on the current human attitude.
    350,000 “Likes” signifies nothing except except the fact that 350,000 people actually figured out how to push a button that for all intents and purposes does not really exist.
    I like your post but I ain’t gonna push no damn button. I’ll just tell you instead.

  3. Kirk M – I must say I agree with just about everything you have said, with the possible exception of the “Like this or Die” button [unless it can be permanently wired to the viewer’s chair and the mains?].  Anyhows, thanks for liking my post!  😉

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