A hole in the wall — 7 Comments

  1. Keep an eye out for J.R. Quinn’s son as you’re out and about, there might be a reward for the capture of some one who bounced a bank.

  2. ….the garage with the ATM went bust and the ATM remains behind permanently closed shutters

    are you sure you don’t live where i do? that arsery usually happens here

  3. Cat – Fucking hell!  Don’t tell me you have to come all the way here for your cash?  Do drop in next time you’re collecting a few bob.

    Mossy – Please…  South East Wicklow, if you don’t mind.  Mind you, there is some debate on that – some say South, while others say East.  No matter.  Everyone gets lost trying to find the place anyway.

  4. Sorry, thought you said West at some time.
    Living in Willow Grove what would I know.

  5. Mossy – That’s North Wicklow – a haven for knobheads from Dublin who fancy they are living the country life!

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