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  1. You’re failing miserably as a grumpy old git – even “Puppychild” can see through that cantankerous façade.

    Count your blessings old Man and spoil those grand kids rotten, if for no other reason then to piss their parents off. 

  2. We moved 1,800 miles away two years before our twin grandsons arrived.  Don’t get to see them as much as we’d like.
    The good news is it’s a bit far away for babysitting/sleepover duties.
    The bad news is at two-and-a-half they’ve just discovered how to work Skype on the ipad!!!  

  3. “You’re the best Grandad in the world” she said.
    yea we know, be cranky all ya want we can still tell 

  4. Mossy – I suppose so.  She still insists on watching the same utter shite on television that she can watch at home though.

    Dessiegee – We have a wee trick here which never fails….  wait until about an hour before she is collected and then stuff her full of Smarties.  She is always absolutely hyper on the additives just as her Ma calls.  Heh!

    Meltemian – You can always use Skype to do babysitting duties?  Just turn the camera on and you can monitor them from any distance!

    Cat – Maybe she just appreciates good crankiness?

  5. Count your blessings Grandad. You’ve lived long enough, despite (because of?) drinking and tobacco habits, eating predilections, snoozing customs, youthful womanizing achievements etc., to enjoy the company of a grandchild. What with social mobility and emigration to foreign parts, many children don’t get the chance to meet and befriend (and tap for presents) their grandparents. You get chances to impart life-learned wisdom to the youngsters, which may help them to survive the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as they wend their way through the rotating world.

    Could you impart some of that old lore to some of us grownups who visit your site too?

  6. Ger – You are indeed right.  I am lucky [?] to have my grandchildren so close.  As for imparting my lore and wisdom – my daughter never listened so I doubt the Grandkid’s will either. 

  7. As my old Nan used to say as she gazed fondly on her many grandchildren, “Ah .. look at that – ‘ow can you ‘it ’em, eh?”

    I once asked her – I was about eight at the time – where I had been born and she said, “You weren’t born son, the Devil shit you flying”.

    She lived to be 101 and I think she only died then because she was fed up … 

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