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  1. Another legacy from Ahern, Martin and that fuckwit Dempsey! They let private companies dictate the terms of their contracts, in return for ………. what……….???????  I wonder. 

  2. Hilarious!
    Except its only funny for a split second. Incompetence and backhanders funded by taxpayers seem to be the order of the day no matter which country those taxpayers happen to reside in.
    The safest way to force these morons out of power, taking their fake contracts with them, is to stop paying tax.
    But even this step is a step too far for most people so when the end finally comes and people will no longer put up with this theft there will be shootings.

  3. This is just more political corruption a similar con trick is working in the UK called Public Private Partnership this is where private companies are brought in to run hospitals and the London Underground. With the PPP on the London underground the crooks running it paid themselves so much money in wages with huge bonus’s they went bankrupt but guess what they were bailed out by the taxpayer. They now see that no matter what doggie deals they do the taxpayer will be forced to bail them out.
    This is what you are voting for if you vote YES.

  4. Bugger!  Normally I get an email when someone comments.  I thought no one had bothered with this scribble, because I got no emails.

    I think Slab has the only practical solution.

    And the sooner the better.


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