Blackmail and threats — 6 Comments

  1. Twitter is buzzing about this.  All of my Irish friends are commenting on Noonan’s speech today.  None of it is very nice to him.

  2. Don’t worry, GD. The Chinese are coming. They’ll save Ireland, at least Athlone anyway. So, fuck EU/Troike, Noonan, Gubmint, I’ll have the Wantans, a portion of Peking Duck, crackers and Jasmin Rice.


  3. Passing  this report on Grandad, it’s where I got the youtube clip from, Dannial Hannan is a MEP, he’s not bad, but, although very critical of the EU, he still sips from the long spoon..

    I think though it’s going to be a Yes vote, you got out of the yoke of the British heel, to be under the yoke of the size 12 boot of the EU.

  4. I got the ‘information’ booklet on this latest treaty this am. As I had no porridge I had time to digest this over my cereal. Loads of waffle and conjecture as expected but guess what I can’t find? There’s no mention of any proposed legal attempt to control the lendings and overspending of the banks in the future. The recklessness and probably global fraud of these institutions caused all our problems in the first place. There’s also no mention of our contribution to the ‘pot’ of this ESM or where we are going to raise that from.

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