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  1. Not sure what is going on around here but once every three months or so an underground power line explodes with blue sparks and melted tarmac (all our pavements are now shitty black tarmac unless you are living in the town centre where they are usually red for some reason). My power doesn’t go off but it flicker or stutters as power is automatically rerouted presumably by a computer or a hob goblin.
    End result everything powered by electrickery resets itself. Bloody nuisance.
    As for the interwebby connection box. For many years I have taken such items apart when they have stopped working. Cleaned them with one of the wife’s artists brushes, put them back together and they then begin working again. Heat and dust the twin enemies of silicon based lifeforms, apparently.

  2. I have to agree with Bill.  My electricity never goes off but does flicker or stutter now and again while it’s being re-routed via hob goblins.  Major league pain in my neck as the cable modem and router reset at the same time.

  3. We have a black and white power supply – it’s either there or it ain’t.  No in between.  No flickering.  It’s on or it’s Plop.  We used to regularly lose power here.  The slightest wind or whatever and we would once more be plunged into darkness.  It ALWAYS went on Christmas Day.  They seem to have fixed that little quirke however.

    Not Green – It about an inch and a quarter cut out of the middle of a six inch nail.  Works a treat.

  4. i feel lucky every day that i live across from a mall, not for the shopping but for the double routed power cable. its a rare blue moon that my power cuts out.

  5. We lost our supply for a few hours last Friday. the whole area was blacked out.

    Some fuckers had nicked the cable.

  6. Glad you got your “Plop” sorted GD. The “Other Fella” shite is too fucking complicated for the megathingys in my head.

  7. Cat – Handy for the shops too?

    Prog – I deny it. I was nowhere near your place last Friday, and I have an alibi.

    Slab – He’s a sad humourless fucker, but he’s handy to have around if anything technical goes wallop [or whatever the technical term is].

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