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  1. Why do you think they call England and Ireland  ‘those islands with all the clouds over them’?

  2. A misnomer.  England has hardly a cloud in sight.  Thirty fucking degrees yesterday!  Bastards.

  3. I blame Brian Cowan, Fianna Fail and the fucking Bankers. Our Summers were sold off by the last shower of wankers. Or would it have been possible for all of the CO2 produced at Leinster House, RTE and all of the rest of The commentators in the Country to have caused a permanent cloud (of doom)over us.

  4. Thirty degrees when we left south-west France on Friday to return to permanent rain, mist and darkness – Irish autumns are shite.

  5. I saw that yesterday. Our first cool day. 60 in the shade. I was watching English soccer on TV and it was 85. Hottest October 1 on record they said. Something wrong there. Climate change I reckon. It is a shame that Ireland missed out on it.

  6. 30 degrees my arse. You really do need to stop reading the Daily Mail.
    Yesterday was a typical Indian summers days of gentle wind, warm air and a fair few hours of blue skies. It wasn’t bikini weather.
    Today it’s pissing down but just as warm as yesterday!
    North West of England
    British Isles
    Planet Earth

  7. Slab – It’s fair to assume that they must have something to do with it.  They royally fucked up everything else.

    Ian – Moi aussi.  Please don’t rub it in.

    TT – I have been hoping for some Global Warming for some time now.  And all that happens is that it gets colder and wetter.

    Bill – I admit I didn’t take the reading myself, but…..”MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said RAF Finningley in Yorkshire recorded a sweltering 30C at 3pm.”

  8. Only been to Barrow once. Rugby club bar c 1980.  For some reason I remember a couple of the songs that were on the juke box. I remember driving to Barrow and it was as if it was the end of the road/pier. A Concord flew in low over the coast road. The last city in England to have kept its slums.

  9. Meteogroup quelle surprise. The take one reading and apply it to an entire landmass.
    These wankers took a measurement at an inland RAF station that was in a bit of dip during last winter and spun it out to say ‘Britain In grip of Ice Age’ or some such bollocks. They are an arm of the press so have an agenda to follow.
    I heartily recommend this site for those who like to keep an eye on t’weather.

  10. tt
    Some pier. It’s 33 miles from junction 36 on the M6!
    That is actually one of the few good things remaining about Barrow it’s distance from the main arteries to the nuthouse that is the rest of England.
    Rugby club bar still there physically speaking but no longer a functioning watering hole. Put to the sword by a bent Rugby club chairman.
    Barrow has never had slums despite the popular folklore. What you are referring to are tenement buildings built to house shipyard workers. They are all still there and are all occupied, in good repair and in demand.
    The local council is however on a mission to destroy any building over 60 years of age regardless of condition. 
    Between parachuted in MP’s, barking mad labour/conservative councillors, a cretinous Labour/Conservative county council, the deprivation card they all play, the mad rush to demolish any building over 60 years of age no matter what its condition, the biggest bird mincer farm in Europe just off the coast and about to double in size the place has become a shithole. Still most folk seem to like it that way. I and  my family don’t so once my late mothers estate has been wound up we’re off.

  11. Bill – You have to admit that it has been hot and dry throughout the UK [bar Scotland] where here it has been fucking wet?  I like that site you linked to though.  Will it give me drier weather?

    Gammagoblin – Provided those fucking Americans don’t switch it off!

    Cat – I didn’t ask you to live there?  And I’ll bitch if I like.  It’s my fucking site! 

  12. Welcome, Toper!  Maybe they meant Robin Hood?  Someone forgot to change the name in their computer!

  13. You live on the most sticky out island in europe, get over it. You would think that at your age you would have gotten used to the shitty weather.

  14. after working all summer without a break following 2 years of unemployment,i am now without work and about have a few days holiday so i just know the constant rain will soon be here, Grandad

  15. Sean – I have no problems with shitty weather just so long as everyone else is suffering too.  I object when we are the only spot in an entire continent to get the shit.

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