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  1. I can’t believe there are still people who believe in global warming.  It’s a scam.  Algore and his goose-stepping minions are out to make money and that’s all it’s about.  The science, time and time again, proves they’re wrong.

  2. If enough GRANT money is produced you can get a “scientist” to say whatever you want him/her to say, you can then entice some more corrupt “scientists” to proof read and “peer review” the findings of the original scientist, write these findings in a big glossy magazine with the UN logo rampant and call it the Climate Change Bible.
    Convert (bribe) the politicians of the world and bingo you get loads of wind and gas.

  3. National Acadamy of Sciences June 2010 study. 97% of scientists agree that climate change is mainly man made. Moreover the level of expertise of the 3% was by all criteria less than that of the 97%.
    Still, you guys somehow know that it’s all a scam. I think I will stick with the career scientists. Call me crazy.

  4. Brianf – Meet TT.  TT?  Meet Brianf.  Heh!

    Patrick – Sadly that’s the way that science has gone.  The results go to the highest bidder.

    TT – A couple of questions……

    1) 97% of how many?  Five?  Fifty? Five hundred?  Five million?

    2) Which scientists?  Ones without a financial interest?

    3) Will they have changed their minds in the light of research done in the last 14 months since that census was taken?

  5. I love all your posts Grandad so please forgive my pedantry.
    I think the 2 in CO2 should be a subscript and that CO2 with a superscript 2 refers to ionized carbon monoxide (though it should really have a +ve or -ve charge as well).

  6. Welcome Tony!  Of course, you are right.  I have been ‘out of the loop’ for too long.  Superscripts are now subscripts, and thanks for pointing it out.

  7. Read the freakin’ report. Ask ANY climatologist. Read ANY science publication. Quit trying to build a whole case out of any scrap. Read that CERN report. It isn’t even about this. You’re doing this just to piss me off before you head out to the sun.

  8.  I hate it when my carbon dioxide gets watered down with ionized carbon monoxide.  Well I’m off to burn a ton of coal in my backyard.

  9. Anthropormorhic Global Warming – strike that it’s been getting decidedly cooler over the last ten years.
    Lets try
    Climate Change cos that’ll melt all the glaciers in the Himalyas in the next 35 years,
    Bollux that was not very scientific.
    Let’s try
    Climate Change Disruption – what! there have been erupting volcanos, hurricanes, floods, droughts and cyclones ever since the earth was formed, fuck.
    Let’s attack the unbelievers and call them names, like
    swivel eyed maniacs

    That’ll do the job.

  10. The thing is you don’t have the right to be an unbeliever. Until you have studied the subject at Uni for years, read and done research on it for maybe decades, and spent your working life studying it you should probably, never even having read a magazine article let alone a book about it in your life, shut the fuck up about it.

  11. Why does CO2 get all the blame? Theres loads of SO2 and CH4 foating around too. They can cause as much if not more damage than CO2.
    There are so many chemicals on the loose that even Orca (Killer Whales) washed up dead are considered hazardous waste. Being top of the Oceanic food chain, their bodies absorbe all the chemicals they and their prey have eaten.

  12. TT – As I read somewhere tonight – I don’t have to be a farmer to know the apple is rotten.  As for the CERN report, it is about solar particles causing clouds.  Or do clouds have nothing to do with the amount of heat arriving at and leaving earth?

  13. Melty;    Apparently he’s known to be a “contrarian.” Some folks just are. They usually morph into conspiracy theorists or Grandads. To belong to a small minority makes some people feel special. “We few are smarter than the rest of you” way of thinking. But, hey, maybe the three percenters are right. Actually, for the sake of life I hope they are. I am sticking with the 97% of trained scientists in their thousands together with all? the worlds governments with their science acadamies who say they are fucking idiots.

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