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  1. It’s mostly due to women wearing Burkhas. Not only do the Muslim community add to the welfare bill by inter-marrying cousins causing birth defects but a disease which was almost eradicated in the UK is now back, ricketts!

  2. TT – I don’t mind experts.  I just wish they’d stick to their fucking jobs and forget these daft ‘studies’.

    Sue – Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!  And I hate those burkhas.  Who wants to talk to a fucking tent?

  3. If you’ve got ginger hair, get drafted to the Far east, have a few pints of tiger and fall asleep on China Sea Beach you will know all there is to know about sunfuckinburn. Believe me.
    Ain’t rickets something that Japanese cricketers bowl at.

  4. Patrick – Ginger hair?  You poor man.

    Ain’t rickets something that Japanese cricketers bowl at”  Yup.  The same people who hold their elections before bleackfast.

  5. pfft..take a pill, vitty D pill every day because the same experts said we should make sure to get sun exposure in winter…in canada…with reduced daylight… ya okay then…and how does one absorbe this lovely vitty D from the sun? by exposing your skin, right o, -25C with a skankin’ wind chill factor of -35C i’ll just nip out in a bikini to lay on the deck shall i? pill it is  “experts”

  6. Everything in moderation and you should’nt have any problems.
    Why do you think the natives of sunnier countrys cover up and don’t go around totally exposed to the sun. ie Greeks, Spaniards, etc.
    I met a Skin expert in The Canaries who’s speciality was sun damage vs sunscreen. His advice was based on moderating ones exposure, not covering your self in dodgy chemicals to fry in the Sun.  Makes sense.

  7. Cat – As the modern idiom has it – take a chill pill!  Heh!

    Slab – As any true expert will tell you – moderation in all things.  Personally I think people who head for sunny climbs and then spend two weeks lying in the sun deserve to be fried.  😈

  8. The Germans on the nudist beach in Fuerteventura were the best. My teenaged slablets were grossed out by them as they paraded nude like brown prunes with their shrivelled up apendages and their teenaged fully clothed kids following an embarrased 20 feet behind.
    Fried Master Race, Hmmmm! now theres an idea.

  9. Slab – Why do people always assume that nudist beaches are erotic?  They would be if they were all yang wans in their twenties, I suppose?

    TT – That’s nasty.  What did they call you?  Tit?

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