An I for an I — 11 Comments

  1. I just read on yahoo! that “twitter” is stealing away readers of blogs.   What’ next?  Old-fashioned handwritten notes?   This may be marked as “spammy” as it has nothing to do with GD’s entry today.

  2. Nice to know that the I and I are interchangable.  We had a real humdinger of a typing teacher in highschool.  He took a great deal of pleasure in covering up the keyboard and having us do timed tests, hated that man….actually I still do…

  3. Gammagoblin – Aw shit!  That would mean I would have to clean it first.  Anyway it’s ioo dark now.

    Brighid – Strangely enough, they don’t seem to be.  I get a few Ts iurning up as Is, bui never Is turning up as Ts.  Sirange?

  4. You could always iry io learn iouch iyping…….   Ah forgei ii – we undersiand you anyway.

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