The Green Effect — 8 Comments

  1. “I know it is illogical but it just shows what a profound effect they have had.  I will have nothing to do with anything ‘green’  If it’s bad for the planet, it’s good for me.”
    Sorry old chap but this is more than illogical it’s plain fuckin’ petty and stupid. I despise petty more than I do stupid. Now that’s illogical.

  2. And buy a big fuel guzzling 4 x 4 preferably diesel, about 20 years old, that emits exhaust fumes in large quantities.

  3. TT – Blame the Green Party [and Duncan Stewart].

    Mossy – Nah!  That would cost money.  I might build myself a steam car though, that runs on coal?

  4. I don’t know how it is over there, but over here if you can manage to get your car running on coal it’s exempt from road tax. I’ve been pondering a conversion for a while. Maybe with a trailer to carry the coal.

  5. TT,
    If you had had to put up with our Green Party for the last four yaers you would stick needles in your own eyes if you thought it would annoy them!  It’s that bad.

  6. Bugger!  No coal here.  Wonder if I could get ‘Himself’ working on a vehicle that runs on olive wood?  We’ve had to change our 3.5 litre Hyundai for a Toyota Yaris as the road tax would have been over 900 euros! We’re feeling a bit claustrophobic in it.

  7. Good on ya, you’re saying what a lot think. What ever the truth about the worldwide fashion that is the Global Warming and Green Movement, the Irish ‘Yella’ party have done it irrepairable here.  I’m looking forward to the expressions on Gormless and Postman Pat Ryan’s kissers when the election results are in!!

  8. Green’s I also hate them with a passion all they want to do is make people pay more taxes, another way to extort money from the taxpayer.                                                                                                                                                                 They like Gormless are the biggest hypocrites going like he cycles to the Dail but then claims €14000 for turning up. He goes to London by Ferry but has a car travel to Holyhead to drive him to London. Does not stay at a Budget Hotel but at the £500 a night Dorchester taxpayer paying of course. Hypocrites the lot of them lets hope after this election they are never heard of again.

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