Same old same old — 7 Comments

  1. Brianf….Fat chance!  I’m sure tt will chime in soon.  As for me, I am carefully forming a longer, witty response.

    GD..I am delighted that 2011 didn’t change your cheery outlook.

    As for forecasting the future, here’s mine.  Shit will happen.

  2. My predictions for 2011:-
    a. There will be growth in the spring.
    b. Shit will continue to hit the fanblades; therefore keep crapping cows well away from wind farms.
    c. Share prices will go up and down; but don’t invest in Anglo.
    d. There will be no 29th February, so take a leap into next year and escape this year’s gloom.
    e. The Greens won’t hold the balance of power, but Fianna Fail might.
    f. Trevor Sargent will continue to ride a bicycle, but not to the Dail.
    g. More taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Bad for pipe smokers.
    h. Chinese may become an option for the Leaving Cert.
    i. There are great times coming, but we won’t live long enough to see them.

  3. Have a great year Grandad – and the rest of you too. I’ll continue to dip in for my daily, or so, dose of sense.
    My tip for this year is, same as last year, keep laughing, and have at least 1 adventure every time you go out.

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