Blog Action Day — 12 Comments

  1. Thank jebus, maybe someone will now fix the leak behind my shower and stop the ever growing water stain on my kitchen ceiling. God don’t get me started on how much I’ve tried to  raise my landlords awareness. Thank god for Blog Action Day!! This is just SO many kinds of awesome. Is there anything the internet can’t do? And to think I was actually going to fix it myself.

  2. I have to confess my ignorance at not knowing that today was “Blog Action Day” .. a very “BAD” thing not to have been aware of ..

    Oddly enough, I’ve been thinking about water since my feet first hit bedside carpet this morning .. Its been pissing down here all sodding day .. 😉

  3. Johnie – There you go now.  Maybe it does have its uses?

    Welcome, Dave!  In return for the link to your well written piece, can you tell me where I have gone wrong in mine?

    Haddock – I know the feeling.  The grass badly needs a cut but there is a huge fucking black cloud [probably full of water] hanging over the area.  The grass will have to wait.

  4. It hasn’t stopped raining here since June.

    Water is the one thing I don’t want to write about.

  5. If you pour thimblefuls of tap water into plastic containers and leave in the freezebox of a fridge the water will freeze and expand. Remove three or four of the frozen cubes and place in a long glass. Then pour a generous measure of Jameson whiskey into the glass. Imbibe the contents while perusing the sports pages of your favourite paper, possibly taking the occasional puff of a pipe. A wonderful civilized way to spend the hour before lunch.
    That is my little contribution to water awareness blog action. Uisce beatha comes from the Latin aqua vita, meaning the water of life.

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