The Paedo Road Show — 9 Comments

  1. When they go to the events, they will also be urged to buy t-shirts, baseball caps and tea cups commemorating the visit, as the Catholic Church’s marketing arm swings into action.

    The Catholic Church should pay people to go to see that pedo fuck-wit.

  2. I read this on a Forum to which I subscribe t’other day & it made me laugh ..

    “I think the Holy Fathers biggest audience will be at a branch of Burger King in Scotland …

    I hear they are currently working on a recipe for a Papish Burger …

    Consisting of Il Papa himself,  sandwiched between two altar boys .. with a drizzle of Benedictine dressing and the Curates chips covered in a generous dollop of the Monsignors Mayo” … 😉 🙂 🙂


  3. Love the poster Bill.
    I also shall not be attending but I’m thinking of buying a few Bibles and setting them on fire just to get a bit of publicity like.

  4. Hadn’t thought about that….  The Kindle is going to play havoc with book burning?  Sending a book to the recycle bin doesn’t have quite the same impact somehow?

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