Silence is Roman — 6 Comments

  1. Marcus – It’s a bit knackered today after shagging itself half to death last night.  I doubt it would have the energy to plot anything.  How many more Romans are there in Rule Hibernia anyway?  Or are you the last?

  2. Keep an eye on it anyway. 😉
    No worries, there’re the three of us posting articles on Rule Hibernia.
    So, speech recognition a no-go in future you think?

  3. Don’t worry.  I’ll keep it on a short leash.  As for the speech recognition – I gave it another training session today.  I gave up when I  tried to open Notepad and it attempted to format the hard disk.  Might try again another day?

  4. I’d be a bit cautious about using the word “terminate” anywhere it could hear you and if it ask you to call it HAL, run.

  5. I see speech recognition hasn’t improved all that much although your experience reminds me of a conversation I had with someone via Skype chat the other evening. Okay, it wasn’t quite a “conversation” per say but for awhile there the dialog was quite interesting.
    Anyway, just give your laptop a cigarette and a shower and it should be find. And forget about that speech recognition thing as nothing is worse than having a laptop blow up in  your…well…lap. Think about it.

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