Retirement is tiring — 6 Comments

  1. “Error: Your comment is too short. Please try to say something useful.”

    Sure. Fuck off you smart arsed twat.

    I guess “Pothead” was too short.

  2. RhodesTer – Potter esp US and Canadian, putter Chiefly Brit. (intr; often foll by along or about) to move with little energy or direction.

    Jennikybooky – Could be?  Especially after  few pints?

    TT – Swearing at my website will do you fuck all good.  You should know that by now?

  3. Your good friend is obviously an uncaring bastard not to consider the time difference and keeping you up way past your bedtime. Doesn’t matter that you, simply because you’re the good man that you are, don’t sign off when you get tired and keep chatting just to be polite. This “friend” (and I use the term loosely) should have at least the courtesy to note the time over there and bugger off. I mean, why the hell doesn’t he attempt to get on earlier fer crissakes?
    Americans are so rode it’s unbelievable. Here’s to retirement by the way. Everyone should have at least one.

  4. Kirk M – He is a bit of a thoughtless bastard all right, unlike yourself.  You always end the calls at a civilised time.  😉

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