Of chests, nuts and chestnuts — 16 Comments

  1. “Every single member of our government is a useless cunt”

    I’ve spent fifteen minutes trying to find something to add to that. So far I have been unsuccessful.

  2. That’s OK, Bucko.  I have spent twenty minutes trying to think up a suitable reply to your comment.

  3. I was reading that the lung cancer is on the increase amongst women in Ireland since more women started smoking there. So just mail your female politicians twenty Major.

  4. TT – I am wise to your ways.  I think you would find that strychnine or cyanide would be slightly more effective anyway.  And more painful.  Heh!

    Cardi – I always try to tell it like it is.  I’m unique in that respect.

    Hey 5h4mr0(k!  Where has you bin?  You have been conspicuous by your absence.  Still using that fucking impossible-to-type name, I see?

  5. “Every single member of our government is a useless cunt.”

    That’s the most sensible piece of political analysis I’ve heard in months. I can’t dispute it in any way at all.

  6. I’ve always believed that being a “useless cunt” was a prime requirement for anyone wishing to enter politics ..
    In fact, I’ve always suspected that it formed part of the job description ..
    Which is why they all are …

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