Wiping a snatch — 16 Comments

  1. Don’t have a clue, but a clever little ditty like that is hard for me to get stuck in my head. Must be much simpler. And how do you track it down?

  2. Sixty – It depends on where  hear it [if I remember where I have heard it!].  If it’s part of a film soundtrack, I search for details of the film.  If I can remember a few of the words, I’ll search for them.  If it was on the radio, I’ll look for an archive of the programme.  I see it as a bit of a challenge, and I reckon to have about a 95% success rate!

  3. at first I thought Donal Lunny or Moving Hearts, but then it got a bit more baroque and the drums became more noticeable.
    I’m pretty sure it’s Kila, but can’t name the tune.

  4. Challenge? You need more challenges? Hard to imagine with all the problems you solve daily.

  5. hrm… or it could be Capercaille or Iona…
    damn – you’ve got the itch in my head now.

  6. Kae – No.  Not Kila.  Way off the mark.

    Sixty – I suffer from an overactive mind.

  7. Kae – I am more than impressed!  How did you find it?  Or did you know all along and were just winding me up?  Heh!

    TT – I am proud and delighted to announce that I haven’t a fucking clue what a vuvuzela sounds like, never having heard one.  Am I the only surving sane person in the world?

  8. I recognised the music, but couldn’t put a name to it. then it finally registered that I’d heard it in the film Napoleon Dynamite. looked up the soundtrack and got the name.

  9. Kae – Fair play!!  I have never seen Napoleon Dynamite, but I did a quick search and apparently they are quite popular when it comes to soundtracks – twelve films to be exact.

  10. It’s the very first track on an album called  ‘Broadcasting From Home’ by Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
    If you ever tire of it, or it stops doing it’s magic, try  ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ or ‘Music For A Found Harmonium’ from the same group.
    All 3 tracks were used in the soundtrack to the very wonderful ‘Mary & Max’, an animated feature film from last year that was criminally overlooked on this side of the world. I think you’ll like it, if you can find it.

  11. Chris P – In the course of writing this, I browsed YouPipe MyPipe YouTube and found all their stuff.  They have some great videos [Air A Danser and Perpetuum Mobile?] .  I like ’em.

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