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  1. If you are ever flying out of Manchester, England’s airport and are gasping for a smoke; you have to descend from the international concourse down several flights of stairs to the street level. Then you have to walk some distance until you discover a door that leads ouside the building. Once there you are really gasping for a smoke.
    Thing is you find yourself in a wire mesh cage with several other primates, all puffing away. People are passing by on the sidewalk; sometimes the more curious will stop and stare. The more compasionate and adventurous will stick a cigarette to you through the mesh. So, I know how you feel.

  2. Filthy – I don’t think anyone believes me.

    TT – Cages are a damned good idea.  They would keep those filthy non smokers away from me.

    Popeye – Not even I can remember all the various landfill sites and bog holes around here.  I never bothered keeping maps either.

  3. Wow your own Anthropologist!

    Most of us collect antis and other forms of lowlife, I’d get in there quick, write a book on training Anthropologists, win a Pulitzer Prize and become a multi millionaire!

    Then I think why? Just be happy with your pipe and your excellent views on life that most of us enjoy reading.

  4. You know it’s one of the clock in the afternoon here, so it has to be 6 pm where you are.  We can’t all wait around on you all day and night you know. Get your fat lazy arse out of bed at the crack of noon if not at the crack of day and get posting.

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