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  1. Jesus Christ! That’s unbelievable.
    Just when I think that there’s nothing more than that useless shower of gobshites could do to surprise me then off they go.

  2. You really couldn’t invent shit like this, could you?  If I hadn’t seen the article, I would have said it was a very bad joke.

  3. Mary – Welcome!  I honestly don’t know.  This shower of incompitents seem to be impervious to any sort of protest.  They are determined to hang in there, and nothing is going to shift them short of armed rebellion.

  4. Jesus Wept – I’m reeling.
    You should find out when your local FF TD holds his clinic and bring a bag full of used pads to empty on his/her desk.
    Fuck em all

  5. Just to be clear. HSE ?  Are you saying that mothers are given nappies for free by the government? Is this just for mothers(God bless ’em) who’s child has a disability ?

  6. Hmm. Normally in this situation you’d post in soiled nappies in protest.

    But in this case, as they’ve asked for it already… ???

    tt – our govt certainly isn’t giving free napppies to everyone, even though the usual  two or three years is enough strain on the wallet (I buy biodegradable ones. If we had compost collection in this province I could put them in there. But we don’t). Paying for nappies for decades is a scary thought.

  7. TT – HSE = Health Services Executive [Health?  Hahahaha!  They’d kill you quicker than look at you].  Carers of the disabled are provided with free nappies.  As Jo says, a lifetime’s supply of them would break anyone.

  8. I weirdly enough feel really grateful for what I and Laughingboy have.  Yes respite services have been stripped, but four or five nights a month is better than none PLUS we carers get an annual grant for surplus care which nobody mentions in interviews.  Yes I have to weigh the child’s excrement which is a bit weird, and he’s only allowed four nappies a day (hold it in, kid!) but at least that’s something.  The price of incontinence pads is phenomenal… anything to do with disability is hiked to a very unfair degree where costs are concerned so I’ll quite happily weigh the kid’s left testicle daily if there’s a freebie in it.

    Some cultures kill disabled babies for fear of their burden on society.  Others lock disabled people away with the chickens.  I thank the powers that be every day that Laughingboy exists in this day and age and in this country, for it could ALWAYS be a whole lot worse.

    Sometimes it feels like all the complaints we’re bombarded with from every angle are going to give us cancerous growths somehow.  More inspirational positivity would do far more than a protest outside the Dail.. we just don’t seem to have any positivity in us anymore.  We can’t blame the government for that.

  9. K8 truly IS gr8 with such a wonderful attitude toward it all –!

    I’m still trying to decide between the two countries my kids belong to — but between service cuts and funding cuts and humiliating treatment like this, the more I don’t want to go back. This was news to me – not good news!

  10. Where are the twenty-somethings and the thirty-somethings in  this horror show of government incompetence and cold blooded arrogance? It’s the next couple of generations who will have suffer if their parents just fold their arms and moan on about how fucked the country has become. Get out on the streets, form a new political party , stop saying ‘ ah sure it’ll be all right on the night’ because it won’t be. Nothing will change, and why would it, if there’s no push for a political and social revolution. I grew up in Ireland and I was apparently misinformed when my father said that an Irish man would never again tolerate any kind of  injustice . Sorry Dad , seems you were wrong.

  11. Jesus Groandad- this is an appalling state of affairs. I’ve great respect for that daughter of yours and I have checked in on her blog from time to time…

    The right way for the HSE to act in this situation is to fire the ‘incontinence managers’ and save the money that way.

    Every now and then we get an insight into the nasty underbelly of Irish society and this is one of those occasions.

    Great stuff K8 and don’t let the bastards get you down. Groandad I’m just about up for a shooting party on some of these fucking besuited whores in Dublin.

  12. And by the way the grandiose project scheme otherwise known as ‘Social Welfare for the Lads’  will be announcing all sorts of shite over the next 6 months as a cover for funnelling more money to the economic traitor club.

    I see all sorts of ickle announcements of jobs all around the country at the moment … 170 jobs here, 100 jobs there and to be honest I believe none of it.

    If I said what I would like to say about the FF/Eunuch parties here I’d be picked up by FF’s MI5 friends in no time.

    Some prat in FF, not a long distance from Drumncondra is well in with the UK security services. Mark Getty of the billionaire Getty’s I notice is the latest one travelling declaring his nationality as ‘Irish’ and carrying an Irish passport… where did he get that and who got it for him?

    The knackers in the ‘Republican Party’ no doubt. Sorry for going well off-topic but by jumpin’ babby jesus there’s a bill to be paid by some of these muppets yet.  

  13. I love Kate’s response but it is shameful that home carers who actually SAVE Governments money by looking after their family members don’t always get the level of support they need. I’m not sure about weighing incontinence pads but if it weren’t for family members here, we’d be back to Victorian institutions to look after our disabled and that simply is unacceptable.

  14. I think K8s response was graceful. And that is rare thing these days when it comes to emotional subjects like people who are disabled or need extra care. 
    I still want to burn the fuckers out of Kildare Street.

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