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  1. a walking frame, commode, panic alarm, bath rails, bath chair and a big slipper….I’m putting the order in to Fannins this minute for some great presents.

    Only kidding. Fair play to you. I admire your attitude to life and am a firm believer myself in a bit of what you fancy is good for you instead of this ‘living is bad for you’ shite.

    So dare we ask what the Significant One is or do gentlemen never tell?

  2. So dare we ask what the Significant One is or do gentlemen never tell?

    Jayzus! A bishop wouldn’t ask me that!

    I got a letter from my old employer yesterday along the lines of “we notice from your records that you reach mandatory retirement age soon”, etc etc.  The daft fuckers haven’t noticed that I left nine years ago!!

  3. Does he have a Psychology diploma on the wall too ?

    Enjoy life, and as far as another year older, beats the alternative 😉
    .-= Séamus´s last brainfart .. Frozen Field Pond =-.

  4. Seems our generation’s been made the scapegoat fo anything we enjoy …. recently had a questionnaire for life insurance …. “You’ve had cancer?…Yep” ” Blood pressure’s up? – Yep to that also. Smoker? Used to enjoy the occasional pack … Drink – now I draw a line as to how many units of alcohol I consume per week – that’s when I streeeeeetch the truth … they’ll only bump the premium out of my reach anyway…….

  5. Seamus – He has a few things on his wall, but they are covered in nicotine stains.  I never read them.

    Cardi – Of course we get blamed for everything.  I am retaliating early and spending all the inhertence before I go.  Heh!

    Not Twitter – Millions of Grandads?  Now there’s a thought to gladden the heart?

  6. Sean – I could do with a new pair of socks.  I’m tired of wearing odd ones.  One thing I can tell you is to never try to make a rollie out of pipe tobacco [though I suppose it’s a bit late now?]  Pipe tobacco is too moist.

    C Con – That wouldn’t bother me.  I haven’t gone near the stuff since that episode with the itching powder.  That was nasty.

    RhodesTer – Good one!  I love The Onion.  I confess to not remembering much about the 60s and 70s – possibly too much booze and exotic smoking?

  7. 40th?  I wish!  No.  Actually, I don’t.  That would mean that I’d be back working again and dragging my daughter to school, and paying mortgages and all that shite.  Unless you are countng in hexadecimal????

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