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  1. You’re found out!

    If you weren’t watching programmes from Mr Murdoch’s satellite station you wouldn’t encounter that stupid Churchill or the silly red telephone..

  2. Its the fuckin Cash for Gold ads that are getting on my tits. I heard on Liveline recently that some people are blaming burglaries in their houses on those cash for gold type companies. Which? magazine have said they are a load of shite and I believe them.

    I know they are a pain in the hole but I do love the Go Compare ads 🙂 only because I sing along with them to get on other peoples tits.

  3. Ian – I had no choice … it was Children’s Channel or open rebellion.  It is damned hard finding one of them that isn’t full of American shite too [“awesome!”].

    Becky – You are a lost cause.  Once you start singing along with ads, they have you.  I haven’t heard most ads at all – I always mute the sound as a matter of course.

    My only criticism of the ad above is that I would imagine a lot of people would look away after the first thirty seconds, which is a great pity.  I think it is brilliant in both concept and execution [sic].  It is one of those very very rare ones I could watch repeatedly.

  4. the cheddar ad is brilliant!!! I was appalled at first though. As soon as I heard ‘this is the end, beautiful friend….’ and the poor little fucker gasping for breath I thought, ‘ah what the fuck?’ but when the little bastard started weight lifting i split myself laughging, kind of dangerous for me at the moment as I have bronchitis.

    Beats the gorilla playing the drums to phil collins anytime. I fuckin hate phil collins.

  5. Becky – I think it really has to go down as one of the all time greats.

    Bubbles – Aaaaarrgghh!!!!!  I fucking HATE that ad.  It is creepy in a very nasty way.

  6. On poker: You’re not doing half bad this time out. She usually kicks your butt.

    I saw Sixty’s ad yesterday. Got all teary eyed there for a couple seconds until he the little guy started bench pressing the trap spring. Usually those things just lop the little sucker in half and it’s done with. Hated to see the little guy appear to suffer like that.

    And it looks like they’ve come a long way from the original dancing baby.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Good blogging tip—Don’t do what I do =-.

  7. Arrggh! That’s just plain cruel! And there’s me just finished blogging about cheerful little mouses living in Churches and dancing in clogs on stairs….sob.
    Still, I somehow managed to watch it to the end… suspected a catch somewhere. But I’ll NEVER buy Nolan cheese again! What again…? We don’t have it over here in NL. Plenty of mice though.
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. ADDLED! =-.

  8. Kirk M – I think it’s only right to let an under-five win from time to time, but now she is grown up, I play by my normal standards.  I’m being cruel to be kind.

    When I first saw the ad, I had a feeling in the waters that there had to be a catch.  I wasn’t disappointed.  And don’t mention dancing babys, or we’ll be back at that fucking roller skating thing again.

    Geri – I must admit I had never heard of Nolan’s cheese either, but I have now – which proves the ad works!

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