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  1. Jeezus, and here I hurried over to see what the matter was (okay, so I haven’t been on the computer for the past day or so) and here you are with a chest cold. Were those pills really for horses. Really big ones that called for drinking a whole lot of water? If so, I’m afraid the old doc is aiming at the wrong part of your anatomy.
    Don’t go getting pneumonia now. I’m having a hard enough time trying to save up enough change to come over the big blue wet thing and pay you a visit so don’t be giving me any deadlines. Hope your lungs clear out soon and all that. (you will notice that I didn’t say Merry Christmas?).

  2. Kirk M – It’s only a bit of a bug.  I intend being around for a few more days yet, so don’t worry.  I don’t think they are really horse pills, though the instructions do suggest I take plenty of fresh dry hay and abstain from steeplechasing.

    And you did say it.

    Would you ever fuck off!


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