The Late Late Crap Show — 12 Comments

  1. Couldn’t agree more grandad! My 4  year old grandson seemingly has them all: walking, talking, fighting, bleeping, singing, tooting battery run toys – and what does he play with most but a collection of small ordinary cars – all ascribed with names and personalities and good for hours of imaginative fun.
    (The 2 year old has just thrown a battery run ABC singing rabbit at the cat and is fighting his brother tooth and nail for the cars…)!

  2. You know what really pisses me off about toys on Christmas morning.  The need to get some wire cutters to take the buggers out of the packaging, and then you need a bleedin jewller’s screwdriver just to put the batteries in. What was wrong with a little door with a clip or a lid that slides off. What’s with the friggin’ screws!!

  3. As for noisy toys,  well I do try to find the loudest or most irritating toy I can find…  for my nephews and nieces.

  4. Remember last year when that woman from Cork won a ticket to go the the LL toy show, turned it down, but still took the cash part of the prize. And whatshisname (the plank) reacted as if she’d committed a heinous crime!
    Reckon Ryan T is probably squirming a bit having to do it! Mind you he runs on Duracell!

  5. Geri – Our Puppychild has a fair collection of walking talking things, but the first thing she asks for when she gets here is the cars.  They are on permanent standby.  Considering the cost and the lifespan, they were incredible value!

    Jimbo – Get toys without batteries and you won’t need a screwdriver.  If the toy does require a battery, use a sledgehammer.

    Mick – One of Plank’s highlights.  I will also miss seeing him kick a toy up the hole, and reducing a child to floods of tears.

    Jennikybooky – He’s my HERO.  😈

  6. my son has a laptop (one of my discards) that he plays with every now and then.
    but, mostly, he prefers to get out pen and paper and draw the games he’s playing, instead of playing them on the machine.
    he’s a strange one, that kid.

  7. Kae – Not strange at all.  It just shows he prefers to use his imagination rather than a machine’s.  How old is he?  18?  19?

  8. Given your post about Minnie maybe you need a mechanical version – see
    A prime example of batteries, plastic and attention deficit – when you could have hours of fun just working out they don’t like marmite 😉

  9. Neighbour – Jayzus! That’s just the kind of crap I am talking about.  You buy you “cute furry animal” but it is useless unless you fork out a fortune for all the “accessories”.  I’ll stick with Minnie and the Marmite all right.

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