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  1. I think this is just more of the same Feminist Bullshit that had the Name of such a fine institution as Portmarnock (Golf) club dragged through the mud recently.

    The same shit goes on about the priesthood and should there be women priests.

    Now everything would be okay if we had more female politicians.

    It’s funny that, the people (Women) doing most of the campaigning on these issues have absolutely no intention of applying for the jobs or membership in question and in most cases are the ones furthest from being qualified for same.

    It seems to be a power thing, have to have what they can’t get.

    How many men would you see going to court if they were told they couldn’t become a full member of a Womans social club, e.g the ICA. Absolutely none, that’s how many.

    In fact no man would ever want to join a club that was predominately membered by women, my God imagine all the bitching and fussing over fuck all. 

    Thank God we’re rational creatures.

  2. Robert – I suppose you’re right.  Maybe you should change your name to Mary?

    Lafsword – I threatened to sue the local ICA on the grounds of discrimination.  It backfired on me.  I’m now a fucking member.  *sigh*

  3. I have a copy of the Karma Mary Sutra (Blessed edition) from the priest’s library I’ll be sending you.   

  4. Love the pic on Wiki of Harney. In the interest of the psychological health of the Wiki users it’s blurred to buggery.  Even so you can still make out she’s one hell of an ugly woman.
    Just so as no one can accuse me of being sexist can I just point out that she’d still be hellish ugly even if she was a man.

  5. Brighid – I look forward to receiving that.

    Not Twitter – I hadn’t noticed that [I never look at her too closely!].  What gets me is that an obese woman should be minister for health.  I bet she smokes cigars too [but only when she’s shaving].

    TT – Oh.  That book.

    Brianf & Lafsword – As long as you don’t expect an intelligent conversation after?

  6. Its a fashionable statement among female politicians both sides of the Celtic Sea it seems. We had a small upright nonsense called Harriet Harman who was asked about the reasons for the credit crunch and because she was (and remains) clueless about economic matters chose to say that the reason the city/banking was out of control was because there weren’t enough women in senior positions in the city.

    This is despite the Prime Minister’s senior advisor on banking since 2006 being an ex-Credit Suisse senior banker (female). The same woman who didn’t notice her PA had nicked almost £5million from her personal bank account (Deepdi di Lauri case).

    Generally if a female politician blames ‘men’ for the credit crunch or recession it is an admission she hasn’t a fucking clue how many women directors of banks there were or any understanding of economics or derivatives.

    Its just an off-shoot of resentful feminism and the continuing mantra that everything wrong in the world is down to men- despite the vast majority of them being raised from an early age by (drumroll) women!

    Its fucking nonsense and the last resort of the clueless female politician.

  7. “Can you imagine if  Harney wanted to get on top”

    You’d have to roll her in flour to find a wet patch & that would prob be  an arm pit ..

  8. Cap’n Con – well said, totally agree.

    “a small upright nonsense called Harriet Harman” Brilliant, unfortunately we have a lot of these.

    Coughlin and Hannafin are kinda hot though, in a deeply disturbing & twisted way, I will admit. Harney is a complete pig though.

  9. I don’t know whether this is true or not but I’m told Harney is also a constant smoker. I’m a smoker- but I’m not obese nor do I wander around claiming to be a Minister for Health.

  10. Lafsword- I’d love to agree with you about Harney as she does have a certain sexual allure. But Coughlan?
    Jesus there has to be minimum standards somewhere. And I try never to go where a Fianna Fail prick has been:) Have a good weekend

  11. Cap’n – This is the point I have been making all along.  I couldn’t give a shite if she is plug ugly and obese normally [much the same can be said of Cowen?].  It is the fact that she is obese AND the Minister for Health.

    As for your last comment – I would rather have it off with my Dyson.

  12. Cap’n Con – Please please note, I said Hannafin and Coughlan, there are no drugs available that woukd get me to touch Harney, not even with a baseball bat.

    I’m twisted but not desperate..

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