You are a vociferous lot — 31 Comments

  1. Well, we might have a lot to say if you bothered to get your ass out of bed on a Saturday to write something for us to talk about. Mowing the lawn my ass.

  2. TT – Jayzus but would you ever fuck off! I miss one miserable day and you start narking? What do you think I am? A daily newspaper?

  3. But doesn’t that number include all your responses? You’re padding out your own numbers and blaming us? Maybe you should run for office 🙂

  4. S Mum – Aw for fuck’s sake!!!! If I don’t comment, you say I’m being standoffish and that I’m ignoring you. If I do comment, you say that I’m padding out my statistics.  I can’t win.  *sigh*

  5. TT – The Daily Grind?

    Robert – 2.8.3 ???  Is there a newer one?  Do you know something I don’t??

  6. I’m with Charmed. Well, not really. I mean in that you approve everyone. I do too. I even approve you on the rare occasion that you comment at my blog. I don’t care how much the other commenters protest, either. I say it’s open to everyone, even Grandad.

  7. We already know how many of your so called comments are yours.  We have been decoding them for months.  We’re on to you Grandad, if that’s you real name!

  8. Charmed – There were actually another 213,672,367 comments that didn’t quite make it through the minefields, the barbed wire, the electric fences and the compulsory quarantine with Nurse Diesel.

    RhodesTer – Of course I approve everyone.  If they survive my defences, they deserve approval.   Do your readers complain about my comments on your site?  I must comment more often.

    The CIA – So you have been decoding my comments for two years and still don’t know what my name is?  How many billions have you spent on this research?  It’s no wonder America is fucked…….

  9. Hmm, why won’t it do strike outs? I had “neighbor” with a line through it and it didn’t come through. Now my comment’s all messed up and I can’t edit it (whine whine whine bitch complain etc etc). Strange, I must be in a bad mood?

  10. Kirk M – I am really impressed.  You are able to mow your lawn and trim your neighbour, and comment all at the same time?  Do you have Interweb access on your lawnmower?  Or is your neighbour letting you use hers?  Heh!

  11. Kirk M – Why are you tyring to draw a line through your neighbour?  Is trimming her and abusing her Interweb not enough?

    Or do you mean this?

  12. I’m a talented guy and besides, the neighbor’s really cooperative about things. I initially had the lawn mower hooked up to the Innerweb with CAT5  but I kept running over the cable by accident. So I had to tear apart the mower in order to install a wireless adapter. Worth it though. Got a flat panel taped to the handle.
    Okay, the following is strike through:
    This sentence should have a line through it.
    On my last two attempts the strike through which shows up when I’m writing the comment, didn’t show up when I posted the comment.

  13. See? No strike through. Does show up in the fancy WYSIWYG comment box when I’m writing though. Kinda strange that one is.

  14. So maybe I have to logged in? Emailed ya’ so’s you can judge for yourself. And stupid is as stupid does, sir.

  15. Just think Grandad – all the new friends you have met!!!
    We all show in your stats and thats only the ones who dare to leave a comment. I bet Woopra reveals a lot more!!!?

  16. Kirk M – I didn’t say you were stupid [I crossed it out].  I would never say such a thing.

    Kate – You would be very surprised what Woopra reveals!!  I must start up a chat session the next time I catch you browsing the site 😉

  17. Yes you must it might help me find things quicker – I have tried to do that but it didn’t seem to work on the old Woopra – but yesterday mine updated and it looks very different – we will try to chat …I think some people would be scared away if you did that to them!

  18. Kate – What are you looking for?  Why do you think I will be able to find it?  I have used the Chat before, but only to scare the shite out of a bloke who had been annoying me with inane comments. 😈

  19. Well if it was recently – it was a conversation we had a while back – but your posts didn’t go back far enough!!! Sometimes I just can’t win!!!!

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