Devaluing the Irish people — 7 Comments

  1. At this stage it hardly comes as a surprise. Nothing that the government does these days is anyway grounded in reality.

    At least we will be getting free flu jabs though. Administered by the HSE so there is even a catch in that.
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  2. So as prices are high and wages low Mr. Company owner finds he can’t sell his product without lowering the price because with the low wages noone can afford to buy his product. He has a choice at this point go out of business because noone can afford his product or lower his prices(along with the lower wages he pays) and continue on in business.
    It’s called being market driven! Not all business begs the state for money and markets.

  3. Actually 3 months of the government doing nothing might be better then three month of what “solutions” they might offer. remember the scariest words in any language “we’re from the government, and we are here to help you”.
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  4. Robert – So long as the flu jab isn’t like their flaming iodine tablets. I’m still waiting on those!

    Brian – That is very true, and that will be the situation in a lot of cases. However there is an amazing greed mentality here where some businesses would almost rather go bust than reduce prices. A case in point is the pub trade. Pubs are closing at a frightening rate, but I don’t see the price of a pint coming down!

    Jim C – Actually, you’re right. Our government have fucked things up so royally, that things may actually improve in their absence. Certainly anything they do seems to make things worse!

  5. I think it’s an oppertunity to get rid of the lot of them for good. Imagine the fuckers getting stranded in an airfield in Chad! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

    Willy the Wanker with his pretend army would have a bit of a job trying to get them back!
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  6. Lafsword – The sound of what? Laughter? Tears?

    Welcome Unstranger! I don’t give a damn where they go so long as they don’t come back. This could be a good time to stage a coup??

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